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In order to interact with your dream girl you will need the following:

Microsoft HoloLens
This is Microsoft's holographic Augmented Reality device. You can learn about the device and purchase here: Hololens
Meta 2
This device is made by Meta. You can learn more about the device and purchase here: Meta
Android devices
We now support Android phones that run ARCore.
Coming soon! nReal will begin selling their consumer AR product sometime in 2020 and we will begin supporting it as soon as it's out.
Mad Gaze Glow
Finally, the first AR glasses for consumers are here! Mad Gaze Glow
Magic Leap
Coming soon! Magic Leap will begin selling their revolutionary AR product sometime in 2019 and we will begin supporting it as soon as it's out.



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Welcome to the future of adult AR porn entertainment.

Have a beautiful sexy girl in your home utilizing the latest holographic technology.

Interact with your girlfriend using your voice and listen as she responds with true Artificial Intelligence.

We are available to make your custom girlfriend to your exact specs.

This software utilizes AR (Augmented Reality) holographic devices such as Microsoft's Hololens, Hololens 2, Windows Mixed Reality, Android or the Meta 2. This is not a Virtual Reality (VR) product. What's the difference? Augmented Reality devices allow you to interact with holograms in your environemnt. While using AR devices you have full view of your surroundings and holograms are placed in your environment. You are able to get up, walk around and view the holograms from all different angles. VR transports you to another environment where you have a fixed view of the environment surroundings and your are unable to move around in that environment. We want this to be clear so that you do not accidentally sign up only to find out that you don't have the correct hardware. We offer software for Android devices, the Hololens, Hololens 2, Meta 2 or Windows & Microsoft Mixed Reality platforms. You can also buy our sample app in the Microsoft App Store here or Google Play store here


Question: Will the software work with my smart phone?
Answer: Yes, if you have an Android phone you can download the apk from our site.

Question: Will the software work with a Virtual Reality (VR) device such as Oculus or Gear?
Anwer: No, this is not a Virtual Reality application. The software brings the models into your enviornment using an AR device such as the Hololens, Hololens2, Meta2 or Android devices.

Question: Why are there only character models and not real-life models?
Answer: The technology is too new at this time. The ability to use real-life models is just not there yet. In time this will happen. In the near future 3D character models will become more lifelike as the technology advances. Besides, we can do way more cool things with 3D character models.

Question: What if I have a special request?
Answer: We want to hear it! The beautiful thing about using 3D character models is that we can create very unique experiences! We will be driving our content based on your feedback. After registering use the Suggestion box at the bottom of the home page to send us a suggestion for a new experience. This could be anything your heart desires within legal limits of course.

If you have any questions before you purchase a subscription feel free to email us at info@3dhologirlfriend.com

Support for our adult Augmented Reality porn software

Email Support at support@3dHologirlfriend.com

HoloLens and Hololens 2

Magic Leap, Mad Gaze, nReal, Third Eye

  • Coming Soon!

We are committed to helping you get started with your adult Augmented Reality AR adult experience.

We want your experience with our software to be as smooth as possible. We do want to remind you that this is not a Virtual Reality (VR) product, it is an Augmented Reality (AR) product. If you don't have either a Hololens, Hololens 2, Android device or a Meta 2 our software will not work. If you do have a Hololens, Hololens 2, Meta 2 or Android device and you are having issues using the software please contact our Support department using the email below.

Holographic software is new and exciting and, as such, we have the mindset that we may not have thought of everything. This is why the our product has a free trial.. We have built into the website the ability to send suggestions to our Creative department yet we know that sometimes you may want more personal service. Please contact our Suggestion department by using the Info email below.


Support: Support@3DHologirlfriend.com

Info: Info@3DHologirlfriend.com

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View our Adult Augmented Reality AR Porn hologram girls! Have a suggestion? Email us at info@3dhologirlfriend.com Having issues? Email us at support@3dhologirlfriend.com

3D Adult Augmented Reality AR Porn sexy girl for Hololens, Hololens2, Meta2 and Android apk

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Mad Gaze
3D HoloGroup
Our parent company, 3D Hologroup, is now an authorized reseller of Mad Gaze glasses.

Google Play Store
Sample App on the Google Play App Store
If you have an Andriod device you can test drive our app from the Google Play App Store. This is a limited functionality PG-rated version of the app and will allow you to test drive the main features of AI and UI. The animations from the main product are not included.

Microsoft App Store
Sample App on the Microsoft App Store
If you don't have a Hololens yet and you have Windows 10 with the Mixed Reality simulator you can test drive our app from the Microsoft App Store. This is a limited functionality PG-rated version of the app and will allow you to test drive the main features of AI and UI. The animations from the main product are not included.

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